Origin of Virgin Hair

Not sure which type of hair you need to complete your style?

Here is a quick guide that will make you an expert on choosing the right virgin hair in no time!

Regardless of what type of virgin hair that you buy, Haus of Kreme has taken proper care during the harvesting of the hair from the donor and while wefting the hair. There will be very minimal tangling and/or shedding.

  1. Brazilian - This is our best selling type of virgin hair because not only is it very soft, very durable, it is also ideal for a full look, as the Brazilian hair has a thick hair strand. Brazilian hair is also very easy to blend with for African Americans regardless of their natural hair texture. We highly recommend Brazilian for women who have relaxed hair or are transitioning to their natural hair and need something that looks natural on them. Because of it’s density, Virgin Brazilian will hold curls for a long time as well.
  2. Malaysian - It is very light weight and soft. It is our second most popular type of virgin remy after the Brazilian. Malaysian is silkier than Brazilian. It blends very well with African American hair and also the hair of people of Asian heritage. It is also very popular with celebrities such as Beyonce.
  3. Peruvian - This hair is the silkiest that we offer and it is popular for people that are looking for natural straight or relaxed yaki hair textures.  It is also very light and you can easily wear many bundles without it weighing down your head. It does not swell too much and it straightens very easily when a flat iron is used.
  4. Indian - Indian hair that is donated to Indian temples and the donors are usually from India. Indian hair is very versatile and easily blends with African American, Caucasian and Asian hair textures. It is more course than both Peruvian and Malaysian.
  5. Cambodian - Cambodian hair is sourced from Cambodia and is known to have a medium luster.  Cambodian hair comes in a variety of textures and can be naturally silky or heavily textured. Heavily textured hair works perfect for ethnic women and women with heavily textured hair, while silky hair works great for women with naturally smooth textured hair.
  6. Russian - European human hair extensions may come from Russia, Spain or Italy and is typically thick and soft. This hair is fine and silky smooth. Color ranges from natural brown to light brown and sometimes blond. It is rich in texture and the cuticle of this hair is oval and each strand is thinner than other types. Texture is naturally straight but a few comes naturally wavy. True European human hair is considered higher quality and looks amazing when you want a sleek straight look.
  7. Burmese - Comes from the country of Burma. The texture of the Burmese hair is well suited for those with coarse natural textured hair. Burmese hair is healthy and extremely resilient. It lasts for a long time. This hair can be worn it it’s original wavy pattern or straightened for a sleek look and will return to it’s original pattern once washed.

If you are starting out, we highly recommend going with Brazilian because it blends easily with many hair textures, is very durable, straightens easily (if you use a flat iron) and holds curls for a long time.

If you are still unsure of the type of virgin hair to purchase, contact our Hair Specialist today via phone 1-800-311-4267, email us at info@hausofkreme.com, or chat with us online!

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