Be Your Own Boss

Are Your Ready to "BE YOUR OWN BOSS!"

Haus of Kreme, has launched a Wholesale Package program for entrepreneurs just like you.
Don’t know where to start? That’s OK; we can walk you through the basics of how to sell hair extensions.
Find out what it takes to sell $142,350 in hair extensions in a year.

Getting Started Selling Hair
The most cost effective way to start selling hair extensions is with an online store.
Have you noticed the trend of huge retail stores closing their doors? Online sales are the future and continue to grow every year. Just check out these estimates for E-Commerce sales.
Over the past few years, Haus of Kreme Hair Extensions has become a Hair Agency that has everything you need to get started selling online including wholesale hair and a knowledgeable customer service team.

Your basic needs will be as follows:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Dropshipping
  • Wholesale Hair
  • Custom Packaging

We can give you all the tools for success, but you also have to invest in your knowledge on how to sell hair extensions online. It is more than just putting up a website. The steps are not that complicated, and we can give you the guidance to head in the right direction.
Once you have setup your brand, it is crucial that you focus on marketing your products and build customer loyalty. We will get into that a little bit later.

What Does it take to sell $142,350 in Hair?

Not as much as you think.
The average retail hair extension order is around $195. If you get (2) sales a day at this average, you will make $390 per day in sales. Multiply that by 365 days in a year, and you get $142,350.

Yes, all you need to do is get just two sales a day!

What if your store received orders a day? Your sales would be around $1,067,625.

Motivated yet? The addition comes when you learn exactly how to sell hair extensions. Let’s get started!

Setting Up Your Hair Business
First things first. Let’s take a look at what it will take to get your hair business online and how we can help.

Having a well-designed logo is a crucial part of your branding strategy. We offer an excellent logo package that gives you (6) designs with revisions to make the perfect logo. Fiverr has some great Logo designers.

Having a fast, mobile-friendly and well-designed website with your branding is crucial to selling online. This information is huge! E-Commerce such as Shopify, WIX, Big Commerce, and Big Cartel.

Don’t have the funds to inventory hundreds of bundles? Maybe you work a day time job and don’t have a chance to pack/ship orders and take them to the post office.

Working with a USA based wholesale hair supplier has many advantages. Having the ability to give us a call – 800.311.4276 or email– and ask questions about our hair and services is a huge plus. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all Wholesale orders via FedEx or DHL. We offer all the popular lengths, styles and origins to supply your hair brand along with fast shipping and great service.

Stand out from the crowd by creating eye-catching hair extension branding to make your bundles look great and give your customers a fantastic first impression.
If you are on a tight budget, you can hold off on some of the custom packaging items.
Your will never launch your business “perfect” every time. The key is to get started!

Accepting Payments
If you want to get paid you have to have a way to take payments. Not all credit card processors will process payments for hair extensions.
For example, Stripe is a fantastic processor, but they consider hair extensions high-risk. Don’t try and sign up with them because you will eventually get shut down.
This payments situation is the biggest issue we have with creating a hair extension website on Shopify. You are forced to use Shopify Payments which are just a white labeled version of Stripe. You will have to pay additional transaction fees which can add up. Stick to WordPress!
The best two payments solutions that process payments for hair extensions in our experience have been PayPal and
Which one should you sign up for? Both! We will explain why.

Fantastic service that has been the leader in online payments since online payments were born. The fees are reasonable, and their service is excellent if you stay in contact with them during any issues.
The single best aspect of PayPal is that you have instant access to your funds. This is huge! You can sell your hair extensions at Retail prices and use the free PayPal debit card to purchase them at the wholesale cost immediately.
It will help solve any cash flow issues.
PayPal allows you to login to their system and sends invoices to your clients. Sweet! is a service where you get your own custom link where clients can send you money as well.
PayPal makes it easy to gather payments from your customers in many different ways. We love the flexibility!
This payment processor is a reliable company that has no issues with processing payments for hair extensions. They are more of a traditional processor that can easily integrate with your website and allow you to take payments online. You will need an SSL Certificate to take payments online securely. Their fees are manageable, and they have a good customer service team if you have any issues.

How to Sell Hair Extensions with Great Marketing!
We all know that marketing is a crucial part of selling anything to anyone. There are hundreds of specific components to selling hair extensions both online and in person. If you focus on learning how to be better at marketing on a daily basis, you will see great results.
Let’s go over some of the primary marketing channels for you to sell your hair such as IG, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.

Social Media
There is no better way to get your name out there than social media. It has never been easier to find new clients online with all the channels available.
Just think back 20 years ago and how difficult it would be for a small business to get their name out there. Magazine ads? Newspaper ads? Flyers in the library!!! I can’t even with all that.
We have a world of opportunity right inside the apps on our phone. Let’s put them to work!

Selling Hair on Facebook
With 1.6 Billion users it is hard to deny that Facebook is not the biggest opportunity to start marketing your hair brand.
Believe it or not, your friends will not want to see your posts about your new hair brand all day in your personal feed. You have to hold back some of your excitement and create a Facebook Business Page where you can start getting followers that are interested in your brand.


To get started, you must first create a business page and check out our